Facility Rental FAQs

How many guests does each venue hold?

The Headhouse has a maximum capacity of 200 guests. The Shed can easily accommodate up to 2,210 guests. If your event needs to exceed these occupancies, please contact an event coordinator to understand how we can accommodate you.

What are the costs for each venue?

This spreadsheet, Pricing for 2019 – 2021, includes pricing for the rental and use of the event space for a 4, 5 or 6 hour event in either the Headhouse or the Train Shed. Weekday prices apply to Sunday through Thursday. Weekend prices apply to Friday and Saturday. For events beyond 6 hours, the event coordinators will customize a price package for you. These prices do not include required permits for open flames or other additional permits required. These prices do not include parking.

Can we bring vehicles into the facility, i.e. a car dealership sponsor, a NASCAR car, a wagon, motorcycle?

Yes, the station was designed to accommodate vehicles on the first floor as well as outdoors in the Plaza at Main Street Station. Please contact the event coordinator for additional information.

Where can my guests park?

Public parking surrounds the station. The Main Street Station parking lots are free for the first hour, $1/hour after and $6 daily max. Other parking lots in the area are typically $5/day.

See your event coordinator for reserved parking for your event.

Do you offer assistance for event planning?

An event coordinator is provided to help book your event and supply venue logistics. We have a list of proven vendors who can help with planning your event. For large events, you will be required to employ a proven professional wedding or event planner.

Do I have to choose from your caterers, or can I bring my own?

We do not have obligatory caterers; however, we do provide a list of proven vendors who have worked at the station several times. We can provide upon request. Any caterer must provide VA Health Department License and an ABC License if they are providing any alcohol. For large events, you will be required to employ a proven caterer, approved by the event coordinator.

Do you have recommendations for caterers?

We can provide a list of proven vendors who have worked at the station before.

Are there any restrictions for alcohol on premises?

You must have an ABC License to have alcohol at your event. 30 minutes before the end of the event, last call for alcohol must be made. Per your event coordinator, designated areas where alcohol can be consumed can be determined upon booking.

Are there any restrictions on music? Is live music an option?

Live music is always an option! At the end time of your rental, all vendors and music logistics must load out within guidelines of your agreement. For any event requiring A/V, complex electrical layouts or rigging, only approved or proven vendors are allowed to operate in our facility.

Can Main Street Station accommodate large concerts and international and national events?

Yes, we have hosted the Zac Brown Band, sponsored by Costar. We have also hosted Allianz International, the Virginia Wine Expo, the Visual Arts Center’s Craft + Design Show, and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey presents Art, Beats + Lyrics Traveling Art and Culture Exhibition.

Are there options for lodging nearby?

A number of high quality hotels are within a short ride to Main Street Station. And since this is a transportation hub, it’s easy to connect to these facilities by Uber/Lyft or bus. Visit this page on Richmond Region Tourism for lodging suggestions.

Who takes care of setup and cleanup?

Your hired vendors will set up for your event. There will be a meeting before your event to walk through with your vendors and the venue (that’s us!) to confirm floor plan and load in and load out logistics. For large scale events in the train shed, only proven event execution vendors are allowed to operate in our facility.

Will the arrival and departure of trains affect my event at all?

If anything, it will be an added attraction for all ages! Passengers take a separate elevator and staircase separate from your event, where a facility security guard will escort them to the exit. We have it down to a science for your event to flow without interruption.

Is there a deadline for reserving spaces?

Reservations must be made a minimum of 14 days in advance of the date of your event.

Are private spaces available for the bride and groom?

We have one green room available for rent for $200.

Will there be a contact person on-site during the event?

Yes, you will have an event coordinator present for the event.

Are animals allowed at an event?

Yes, as approved by the event coordinator.

Who can I contact to learn more?

For events, contact the events manager at 804-646-1862 or email crystal.lowery@richmondgov.com. From there, you will be matched with one of our expert event coordinators!